Employment for 2020 season


If you are interested in applying for a job for the 2020 eason, please send us an email and your resume to maureensicecream@gmail.com. You can contact manager, Beth Eller with any questions or concerns at 302-528-0407. 

A few requirements we have for employment: 

-You MUST have your own form of transportation (car). If you do not own a car or do not yet have your license, your parent or guardian must be able to drive you to and from work. Your parent must be flexible with their schedules if you depend on them for transportation. You may be asked to cover someones shift at a late notice, stay late at work because cleaning/closing took longer, etc. We will not accept a lack of transportation as an excuse for being late, missing a shift, etc. 

-You must be 14 years or older in age. If you need a work permit for employment, please have the permit ready to go and filled out when/if you are called in for an interview. 

-You must have good work ethic, be flexible with your schedule, be positive, have good social skills and to be able to deal with the public and working in customer service. 

_Prior customer service experience is recommended but not required. 

-past work experience/jobs are also recommended but not required. 

-If you are local (live full time in the Bethany Beach are) please let us know if you are able to work weekends in the fall and spring and also weekdays at night after school. 

-If you have a second job or will have another commitment while working for us, we do not recommended you apply for this job. 

-Everyone at Maureens is one big family and this is an amazing place to work and you will create friendships that will last beyond Maureen's and for many years to come (just ask our current employees!) when you apply and/ if you are interviewed, we will be seeing if you would fit into our family. 

-If you would like to apply, please fill out the attached application (which you can find on the website) and email your COMPLETED application, and a letter of recommendation(must be from someone outside of your family) to maureensicecream@gmail.com

-We will start reviewing applications and setting up interviews in January and February. THE EARLIER YOU APPLY THE BETTER CHANCE OF YOU GETTING A JOB. 

Some of our employees this past 4th of July.

Some of our employees this past 4th of July.